Kosher Certifications Services India is India’s premier Kosher Certification Agency having office in Delhi. We have affiliations with different Kosher Certification Agencies in India and abroad to provide services of Kosher certification and Kosher Supervision in India in best possible manner at affordable rates. We have put together our resources and knowledge to help manufacturers get the benefit of global kosher certification and thereby take benefit a huge market. We are outcome from wishes of starts ups in India who are looking for export from India and want to obtain kosher certification at lowest cost. We intend to make Kosher certification affordable to Small and Medium Enterprise(SME) to boost their business and in turn export from India. We not only just provide Affordable Jewish Certificate or Affordable kosher certificate at competitive rates but also lowest price kosher certificate. Many time an organization thinks that our product is Kosher why we need to take kosher certificate.

Yes, it may be so, but as per Kosher laws it need to be authenticated by a Rabbi. Rabbi are the experts who have knowledge of Jewish laws can ultimately can grant kosher certificate after complete look over the production process, ingredients not only in products but also material used in whole factory and many more things which will be necessary for providing it for Kosher Passover. Our practice is to help organization to come out problems faced in implementation of Kosher Standards. We provide solution to problems and help our clients to obtain this Jewish Certificate. Now many times question comes, is your Kosher Certificate is Globally acceptable? Yes, our certificate is by orthodox Rabbi and Globally acceptable. We follow all basic concerns of kosher laws before releasing final kosher certificate. Our Rabbi is always available to address any issue raised or concerns with kosher certification.