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Veganism is increasing on average 1500% a year, and often is the #1 google search term in urban cities. Undeniably, the vegan, plant-based, lifestyle is multiplying, and therefore, it should come as no surprise that the global market for ethically packaged and labelled foods is projected to be a trillion dollar industry. BeVeg vegan certification means no animal ingredients or animal by-products used in the product, in the manufacturing of the product, and no animal testing of the product. BeVeg vegan certification helps you to increase consumer trust. Consumers are embracing vegan for multiple reasons: Compassion for the animals, Environmental sustainability, and/or for the Scientifically proven Health Benefits. The fact is, veganism is spreading worldwide, and consumers are searching for plant-based vegan products with a vegan certification mark to legitimize vegan claims. Consumers are demanding honest information. Statistics show that 80% of those who purchase vegan products or frequent vegan restaurants are not even self-proclaimed vegans, but simply conscious consumers leaning into the healthier, vegan, plant-based lifestyle. The bottom line, consumers are looking for the BeVeg vegan symbol, and more than half of purchasing habits are based on a label. Consumers are demanding an honest vegan standard, as those that care about plant-based products are tired of reading and deciphering tiny ingredients. The BeVeg vegan certification program is the gold standard for global vegan certification, with worldwide trademark protection, and representation on every continent except Antarctica.

BeVeg International

BeVeg International, the vegan certification program is a practice area managed by the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz. We provide the ONLY vegan trademark in the world issued by a law firm, which lends great credibility to your vegan claim. We care about consumer transparency and setting an international standard for vegan claims. Our team of lawyers investigates products, ingredients, suppliers, and packaging to ensure vegan compliance with the BeVeg standard. The BeVeg brand has been featured in Forbes, VegNews, VegWorld Magazine, LiveKindly, CBS, NBC, PETA, Social Life Hamptons Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, California Wine Advisory, VegFests, the Amazon Prime new vegan cooking show New Day New Chef, JaneUnchained News Network for the Voiceless, and many other global news media outlets. Moreover, our vegan certified trademark is endorsed by TV journalist and best-selling author Jane Velez Mitchell, Supermodel Christie Brinkley, and Kip Anderson from the well-known documentary What the Health. The BeVeg law firm is made up of attorneys and compliance counselors dedicated to defining and maintaining a global legal vegan standard. BeVeg and its founding attorney and CEO, Carissa Kranz, is publishing the first book in the United States on Vegan Label Laws, written with another vegan legal label expert in the EU. Attorney Kranz, on behalf of BeVeg is also authoring a chapter in a book entitled: "Vegan label law: the need for certification" to be published in Europe. Both books will have global distribution in 2020. Simply stated, BeVeg is a law firm with global reach charged with a mission to bring legal credibility and accountability to vegan claims. This inherently raises the standard of consumer transparency, which integrity to a process that was once (before BeVeg) legally deficient.

Vegan Certification/Vegan Verification Programs

BeVeg versus BevVeg

----BeVeg Product Program: all vegan products. This includes food, beverages, cosmetics, textiles, fashion, furniture, and any other product that is vetted through the BeVeg vegan verification and vegan certification process and deemed to be vegan, without use of or exploitation to animals.

----BeVeg Business Services Program: all vegan services.If a business, service or restaurant is looking to be certified vegan, we confirm the business does not serve or carry any animal products. All menu items and establishments must be dairy free, meat free, and with no animal products or animal byproducts used in the kitchen or with the utensils within the establishment that may cause cross-contamination.

----BevVeg Vegan Alcohol Program: all vegan wine, beer and spirits. The BevVeg vegan alcohol program and trademark is the ONLY in the world specifically for alcoholic beverages. More than 60 ingredients can go into your alcoholic beverage that you never knew about, and governments regulating wine, beer and liquor like the TTB have zero disclosure requirements. Only BevVeg certified vegan beverages get listed in the global vegan alcohol database and free app as certified vegan. The app currently has one million beverage entries. The BevVeg vegan alcohol guide app is available for download in the Apple and Google play stores, and is regularly updated.

BeVeg Vegan Certification Process

After you fill out the initial application on www.beveg.com, you are invited to formally apply for official BeVeg vegan certification/verification. Upon payment of the application fee, you are emailed the initial set of questions to begin the paperwork part of the vegan verification process. After the paperwork is verified vegan through supplier checks and spec sheets, BeVeg vegan lawyers will send you a final application packet with affidavits to sign off that all the information disclosed, gathered, and collected is accurate and true.

BeVeginquires into the supply chain, and the manufacturing process and facilities to ensure the integrity of vegan claims are not compromised by any potential cross-contamination. BeVeg asks products and companies to disclose trade secrets to BeVeg with the understanding that their confidentiality is protected by the attorney-client privilege. Products are verified only after a detailed application process, and confirmation of no animal testing on the final product.

All BeVeg vegan verified products and services are subject to and agree to be audited by inspections as necessary. The BeVeg vegan certification program takes the BeVeg vegan verification program one step further by requiring on-site audits and inspections to gain use of the vegan certification mark. The logo use guidelines dictate if you get to use "certified" or "verified" with the logo on packaging. Only products that have been audited on site may write "certified" by the trademark on the packaging.

The BeVeg vegan symbol trademark is licensed to companies and products that pass the application and vegan verification process. The licensing fee is renewed on an annual basis.

Benefits to the certification/verification programs:

  • Opportunity to be featured on all BeVeg social media platforms and website
  • PR releases drafted for you to distribute.
  • Featured in events hosted by BeVeg and others looking to promote vegan brands.
  • Be listed as BeVeg certified vegan in the global database and in the free app.
  • Get BeVeg certified vegan window cling stickers for your business.
  • Be highlighted when our Founder/CEO does media appearances for the BeVeg monthly report aired on Jane Unchained News Network for Animals
  • Vegan symbol trademarks are not color-specific and can be changed to match and enhance product packaging.
  • Legal Use of worldwide globally protected trademarks on products and on marketing materials.

BeVeg Vegan Standards

BeVeg gives vegan consumers confidence by guaranteeing that products do not contain traces of animal origin. BeVeg provides the searching consumer trust, transparency and reliability to vegan claims. Generally speaking, vegan certification and vegan verification means the research reveals: No animal ingredients or animal by-products used in the manufacturing process before packaging of the proposed vegan product, and confirms that the processing, clarification, fining, filtration, and de-acidification before the bottling and/or other final packaging is also researched and considered vegan. The BeVeg vegan standard ensured no cross-contamination of animal protein and no incidental trace amounts of the same shall be found in the final product. It also means no animal testing on the final product vertified vegan. The most up to date vegan standards and definitions can always be found at www.beveg.com.

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